The impact of both the impact of economic globalization globalization globalization positive or negative impacts, including the impact of globalization on the economic life would be a little I review in my post this time. The impact of economic globalization this paper, (if this simple inscription should I call the paper) is part of my opinion as well as activists cooperative small businesses in addressing economic globalization wrapped ACFTA agreement. I have this little problem my previous post titled 2010 business opportunities
Understanding globalization itself is taken from the global word meaning universal. according to wikipedia definition of globalization is not or has not possessed fixed and established definition, globalization refers only to the definition of work (working definition), means understanding globalization could be widely depending on how the user puts. There who argue that globalization is a social process, or the process of history, or a natural process that will bring the entire nation and the state are in a stronger bond to create a new order of life or we can unity of co-existence that would limits geographical boundaries, economic and cultural.  is supported by parties that support the occurrence of a socio-economic and cultural evolution
But for those who do not agree mentioned that globalization as an engineering project superpowers (capitalist) to keep the existence and influence on the world, especially third world. Negative stigma attributed to globalization by proponents of this idea, globalization is seen only of capitalism where the rich negara2 control the world while smaller countries or third countries often exploited and the sunset just because it does not have the competitive edge ..
One of the figures who argue that globalization is a negative impact from Ohio University Lecturer Elizabeth Fuller Collins. Collins said that the negative impact of globalization is that the free market capitalism that paired with sweet treats neoliberal economic terms of manpower, money, land and natural resources as factors of production alone or commodity is traded. As a result, Suplay and demand of labor, money, land and natural resources will be determined and set prices in the market. The direct impact that this condition is caused by the financial crisis, political instability, and the threat of environmental sustainability.
The simple explanation of the above statement as I wrote in a post eagle vs freeport. If labor is only considered as a factor of production, the employee is no more than a machine or robot. Labor costs will be reduced as low as possible in order to provide maximum results in profits, humanism factor will be overridden and certainly the most easy targets for supplying cheap labor is a developing country or a poor country that is "stuck" with iming2 investment and economic development of the artificial. Owners of capital will require a wide range of facilities such as tax reduction, supply of cheap labor and of course also the availability of natural resources and investment for developing countries will be embracing all requests capitalist result exactly as it happens in the freeport papua. every day freeport produce 225 thousand tons of gold ore, even reuters 4 bosses have launched a major freeport accept nothing less Rp. 126.3 M / month or 1.5 T / year, compared with a budget target only 5.28 T. What is obtained from the capitalization freeport papua? poverty, degradation of the forest and AIDS, it is natural then globalization as the most advanced form of capitalism is considered resulting in tremendous negative impact

So if so whether there is a positive impact of globalization? As represented by the government believed the new order which is then adopted to date that globalization is a must and is inevitable because it is a part of the globalization process of social change will have a positive impact for the owners of capital or which has the competence to compete. Globalization will provide space and markets as well as expanding business opportunities with the concept bordeless the opportunity to develop the business will be more wide open, with a note this only applies to those who have the competence, what about the people of Indonesia are mostly not competent? when the full force of globalization that many legal market role, while the role of government g so do not expect a wide range of subsidies and aid - aid will be, not going there again aphorisms of love for the people, a concrete example is the elimination of fuel subsidies that could be done so that foreign come into play in the petroleum business is a real form of the globalization process, do not be surprised if one day also privatized water


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