1.1 Background

Currently, there is no doubt that the majority of Indonesian people are not able to speak good Indonesian and right . in language, the difficulties resulting from the inability of the speaker or writer-sentences  build correct sentences as a medium to deliver his ideas.

Often we find people who have the concepts are brilliant ideas, but less successful in communicating it to others. This is an obstacle in the development knowledge .many influence . which  factor which is developed over time and development of technology led to foreign sentences into the language of our day-to-day.

In reality, there are still many Indonesian people who do not understand what is said and how the effective sentence. Therefore, we formulate this paper with the title "Effective Sentences". Hopefully this can be useful for us.

1.2 Purpose of Discussion

    To avoid mistakes in the use of Indonesian is good and right.
    Knowing what and how to use words effectively in speaking.
    Indonesian purity.

1.3 Benefits Of Papers

    Benefits for yourself: in order to understand how people are saying the sentence effectively.
    Benefits for the group: so that we can maintain a good Indonesian culture and is able to apply them in everyday life.


The concept of effective sentence is known in relation sentence functions as a communication tool. In every sentence looks communication in the process of delivering and receiving. What is delivered and what it might be accepted ideas, messages, opinions, experiences, information and so on. All that being communicative when delivered through effective sentences.

A sentence is said to be effective if the sentence was able to clearly and accurately describe the content or purpose of the speaker or writers . sentences  effectively conveyed the raw sentences arranged so that the content or intent are conveyed by the writer or speaker can be appropriately captured well by the recipient . In other words, the writer or speaker is able to make the content or intent that it conveys a complete picture in the mind of the recipient or reader exactly what was delivered.

2.1 Elements of Effective Sentences

A sentence is said to satisfy the elements of effectiveness when it has the following requirements:

Unity 2.1.1

A sentence should support an idea or an idea to form a union that has the requisite unity complate . Sentences  is a sentence that has a good structure, meaning that sentence must have a subject and elements prediket, or can be added objects, information, and complementary . The following will discuss some form of sentences that do not have the requisite unity.

1) The sentence is not subject

A sentence should contain at least a subject and a predicate, except  sentence or speech commands that have no answers questions. If sentence subject is not clear, the sentence to be ambiguous. For example:

    On children's reading should set a good example. (Not effective)
ride children should provide a good example. (Effective)

When the subject of an active sentence is preceded by the words on, in, and from just as those sentences, the subject becomes unclear, vague, and can give rise to various interpretations. Other words that should not precede the subject is for, in, with, as, is and for.

 2) The parts used are not the same (subject doubling)

Under Indonesian rule, there is a provision that is a good sentence that has a subject and a predicate, but if there is duplication subject, as if the sentence is equivocal. Consider the following example:

    Know someone who has a problem, then one can express the problem ituakan well. (Not effective)
    Know someone who has a problem will be able to present the matter properly. (Effective).
One sentence is when the destruction of the unity between the predicate and object inserted another word. Under Indonesian rule, stated that in the transitive active sentences, ie sentences that have subjects active, transitive verb followed by a preposition unnecessary as the word object. In other words, the predicate and the object does not need to be inserted prepositions such as: above, about, personal atu. For example:

    We expect the presence of relatives in a timely manner. (Not effective)
    We are expecting your presence just in time. (Effective)

2.1.2 Alignment

If in a sentence, there are several elements that are detailed, the details should be sought in parallel by using the same form of language.

    This work program has been proposed, but not yet approved the project leader. (Not effective)
    We have long proposed this , but not yet approved the project leader. (Effective)

Forming the clause in this sentence should be the same, namely active and passive active with the passive. KAAU the one placed in the verb, should another party in the form of the verb.

2.1.3 frugality

The definition of frugality is frugality use words, phrases or other form that does not affect the meaning of the sentence.

1) The use of redundant words

If there are words that have the same meaning, no need to use both. For example:

    Be diligent study in order to be useful. (Not effective)
    Be diligent to learn in order to be useful. (Effective)

2) Repetition subject

Avoid the use of the use of the subject in the sentence when the meaning contained in the development of the sentence is clear. For example:

    The invitation stands simultaneously as they know the president and vice-president of Indonesia would enter the room. (Not effective)
    The simultaneous invitation after learning the president and vice-president of Indonesia would enter the room. (Effective)
3) Form the reciprocal is wrong

Form of reciprocity is a form of language that carries meaning or significance mutual retaliation. Reciprocal form can be generated by using each other or with the re word, but if these are used at the same time there will be a reciprocal one. For example:

    In the meeting, the students can exchange information. (Not effective)
    In the meeting, the students can exchange information. (Effective)a double.
For example:

    Many of the letters are entered into the editorial office. (Not effective)
    Many incoming mail to the editorial office. (Effective)

5) excessive superlative form

Superlative form is a form that contains the meaning of this much .form can be generated by adding the words very, very, most, or all on a characters  if a said there are two words that are used together in a sentence, there was excessive superlative form. For example:

- Suffering Acehnese very, very heartbreaking.

- Suffering Acehnese very sad

6) Hiponim

Are words that contain the basic meaning of the word group is concerned, for example, already contains a group words red color represents the meaning and December  . Therefore, the group lack the basic meaning of the word group does not need to be used in a sentence. For example:

- They came down the escalator.

- They go down using the escalator.

 2.1.4 variation

Sentences varied vocabulary to describe a person's wealth. in writing will be reflected in the sentence structure therefore, making climatic needs to diversify the forms of language.

 Variations in sentences

Variations can be made on the books can be opened with the sentence sentences .a  phrases connecting information space and particles. For example:

    On Friday night kliwon Javanese people believe in the existence of spirits roaming.
    With a loud voice, Marsinah demanding workers' rights are taken away by the company that arbitrarily

 Variations in the form of sentence patterns

Sentences can be varied by changing the pattern of a Kalmia, patterned sentence subject-predicate-object can be converted into a subject-predicate-object or other patterns. For example:
At the end of the twentieth century will SPO nuclear war. World hit by fears of war
Variations in the type of sentence

Based climates in the three sections, namely news sentences, interrogative sentence, and sentence order. The three types of sentence can be used in varied although its use is not the same portion. News sentences we use are usually more dominant, while the interrogative sentence and orders only occasionally used. For example:

"Our current educational reality, both under DIKNAS well below the MORA equally important to get the attention, both in terms of quality and quantity. But in reality DIKNAS always have this on who we should sue? Supposedly, more competent to be fair ".

    Variations synonym word / group of words

The meaning of the word synonym is a word that means the same relative, for example, to say something that we could not use the word animate dead, dead, dead, dead and dead. In making a sentence, we are advised to not use the same word to express a particular purpose. For example:

"America is a country that is very advanced, Superpower is able to influence other countries to follow his will. Therefore, do not be surprised if the country of Uncle Sam is dubbed as the world's policeman ".


2.1. Conclusion

Effective sentence is raw sentences arranged so that the content or intent are conveyed by the writer or speaker can be appropriately captured well by the recipient.

A sentence is said to satisfy the elements of effectiveness when it has the following requirements:


3.2 Advice

Let the students be able to know and be able to understand the effective use of the phrase, so that we can retain the use of language is good and true.

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