The 21st century world is actually only uses three grounding in communication:

    Digital communications: internet, multi media or ICT (Information Communication Technology)
    Almost all fields or disciplines requires a rational method of analysis. Not that it should be mathematically, but also must be coherent and systematic.

The above mentioned three communications foundation that led the Indians have English version India, Malaysia with English version Malaysia as well as Singapore, including France. In France there is now even an attitude balked at the Americanization of Marian. Marian, is a young woman flying the flag at the time of the French revolution. Marian name has become a symbol of French nationalism. French fought desperately to English vocabulary does not burst into the French language.

ICT (Information Communication Technology) can not be denied is dominated by what is happening in western countries, especially in Silicon Valley in the United States who speak English postscript. Ranging from hardware, software, applications to the system. Analytical way of thinking also affected where the influence of ICT (Information Communication Technology) forces us to think more quickly.

Demands quick thinking is contrary to the Indonesian culture in which we are often silent or smile as a statement of our attitude. Silence and a smile is obviously not captured by the ICT (Information Communication Technology) that everything should be completely explicit. That kind of stuff is what makes the English Council in each country overwhelmed.

To minimize this tidal wave against three Indonesian then there must be a continuous activity carried out by large groups such as the bureaucracy, the military, political parties and the academic world. But a bigger group that I think is most effective in socializing are thousands of Indonesian NGOs (Non Governmental Organization) spread in Indonesia. Thousands of NGOs is that now pervades the various types of problems around us that could not be handled by the government. Ranging from the environment to care about only one species of animal. If we see from the range of NGOs in the world, it is clear that language is not the main purpose. NGOs clearly should be included in the development and popularization of the language. This is not done by the Language Council.

ICT (Information Communication Technology) can be used to exchange information among NGOs. For example, when speaking of global warming issues. Is it true that the earth's warming translation? Other terms such as globalization. What exactly translate into globalization? Because our people do not necessarily understand the term globalization. In the global grammar of the globe and the SASI-of-zation. Why not?

Which is now in the forefront of national development is the younger generation who are involved in thousands of NGOs in the future because the government may not be able to accommodate the younger generation. So, if you want to save a national treasure or a national heritage like temples, then you will be faced with the fact that a lot of archaeological terms that do not have equivalents in Indonesian so still using foreign terms until now. Coupled with Google's control of the mapping world, where if someone wants to find the location of Borobudur then any terminology that appears in Google maps are all in English. The next question of course is whether everything should Indonesianized? We clearly face a dilemma that can not be avoided.

In the field of medical science is now no such thing as DNA engineering or GMO (genetically modified organism) is criticized by NGOs as depleted causing Frankefood new food called Frankenstein foods that similar plants for mixing animal and human DNA. How to translate the above issues into the Indonesian language that can be understood by the people?

So in terms of the establishment or foreign search terms in the equivalent word in Indonesian, English Board members should not only consist of a linguist (linguists) but also experts from various disciplines who are able to work together with the Language Centre. For example, people who know very well the problems  who can talk about the terminology in the world of theater.

When I was arrested along with the late WS Rendra, I never challenged to translate his poems into English. An interesting challenge for translating poetry can not translate it without understanding the meaning of the poem itself.


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