The bike is now not just a regular sports equipment. For some people has become part of life .many  style that makes the bike as a means of expression and action.

After drawing attention Flexie bike bicycle lovers, especially young people, it turns out there is another kind of bike are much in demand. Namely, bicycle Bicycle Motocross (BMX) freestyle. That is indeed free style, but that does not mean you can play this bike will. Many of the techniques and tricks to be mastered.

Freestyle BMX bicycle must be designed to be able to perform various tricks on a flat road, ground to ramp. You should also choose a suitable bike for street or flatland game.

Each rider BMX bike always demand high quality and strong for doing BMX freestyle tricks.

Here are some tips on choosing a bike freestyle bike action alias:

First. choose the type of freestyle bikes as needed, both street and flatland. Determine the completeness of the component parts that are capable of supporting the desired BMX game. Such as frame geometry, handler, saddle, gearing, tires, rims and pedals.
Second, choose a frame that is sturdy and has sections supporting frame strength.
Third, pay attention to the level of precision frame, alignment, and neatness point of each pipe weld frames.
Fourth, check the character of bicycle tires that match the type of surface and the type of game. Freestyle bicycle tires generally have a tread quite smooth and perfectly embedded in the surface of the asphalt, concrete cement floor up.
Fifth, use a bicycle equipped with front and rear brakes. The front brakes are the best to control the bike.
Sixth, do not forget to always wear a helmet every time learn the latest BMX tricks and play with other riders.

Tips and tricks this time around the sport will disccus  BMX bike. BMX Seepeda often used to spectacular attractions, for those of you who are interested in practicing, studying BMX Tricks BMX you can listen to these tips
Can fly with the help of a bike is certainly exciting. But in order to realize it, needed some basic training.
Ever feel "fly" using a bicycle Bicycle Motocross (BMX)? If not, then you should try the game BMX Street or Dirt Jump (hereafter written BMX Street). This type of game requires skill in jumping over a hurdle cyclists, and equipped with a trick. Barriers generally include: tabletop, double jump, or jump box. Through the barriers, riders will jump high, as if to fly. Let the perfect flight, apply the trick to fly like superman.
However, if you are interested and want , the main thing that must be implemented is a basic exercise. "Before the game BMX Street or Dirt Jump, a beginner should first understand the type of game," said Asep Tubagus, players BMX Street. Furthermore, according to the familiar greeting Apep, beginner rider should create strong arms and legs. Formation and leg strength aiming hand to withstand the shock when the bike is in the air, landing or falling to the ground.
Not only the hands and feet that need to be "sharpened" so you incarnated as dirtjumper. There are other exercises that should be studied. Clearly, following a brief exercise prescription of the children Bandung BMX Street B2ST, Apep and Aqmal Reza Faizal (Esa).

Hand Strength train
In studying game BMX Street bikes, so absolute hand strength trained. Function will force the hand feels when you hold the steering (handlebars). When your hand is strong, mastery or control of the bike while in the air and on the ground will be stabilized.
To qualify that, r push ups and pull ups. Practice every day in your spare time. Or if you have a barbell, lift loads over and over again. Other ways are classified as extreme, according to Jury Indonesian representative in the Asian Indoor Games that are coming down the mountain (downhill). With off road through the rocky road, hands are trained to maintain the balance of the bike. Vibration generated by off-road paths will familiarize you hold strong handlebars.

Power train Foot
Legs are trained to maintain body balance while riding a bicycle. Other goals to set the speed of a bicycle when going over the hurdles. When the distance between the start and the short hurdles, that's where you are required to obtain speed in order to produce high jump.
How to train legs fairly simple and straightforward. Ape only suggest to push the bike as often as possible. The more often you Fixie bike, leg strength will slowly emerge. But if you think it can be boring, jogging exercise also helps train enough physical distance and course.

Train the Body Flexibility
BMX Street players are required to have body flexibility. It was useful once you're in the air freestyle apply styles. Tricks that you want to remove it later will look soft and beautiful. "If it flies body flexibility will beautify our tricks. And let me look cool, "said Esa, Dirt Jump 3rd Place 2007 Asian Championships in Bali.
How to train it to start growing boldness in the real arena. But should begin by passing the obstacles in the form of short tabletop. "Body protector shall be worn at the start of practice on the track,"  suggestions.
As a beginner, learn the basic tricks first. In Indonesia itself has a lot of basic tricks are adopted from outside. For example: table top and x-ups. apply. "The most important thing a beginner should focus on the first trick," said Esa.

Good practice How to Fall
In studying Freestyle BMX game, there must be a risk of falling. But that incident was not fatal and dangerous, Apep had a bit of practice tips. According to him, once you try to put out a bad trick, and going to fall, you should not support the weight of your body with the hands or feet. Follow the movement of your fall by rolling forward or sideways. Depending on the direction of the fall.
And as much as possible while falling do with the bike. Throw the bike as soon as possible, "said Esa. "But you should still use the protector during practice." Congratulations practice.


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