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 Heading Techniques in Soccer - Or plain which we call ball, well this technique frequently used by the football  that produces beautiful goals. Goals are often very rarely use headings can be caught by the keeper, because it is by heading the ball so suddenly attacked, we demonstrated just the game of football during a corner kick that lobbed the ball up, well when it is heading ball.

A. Definition of Heading If your coach tells you to "Use your head" is meant the actual head. Football is the only game demana players use their heads to the ball. Players use the Heading to pass the ball to his partner, to score goals by directing the ball into their own goal. Based on the above description is intended to Heading gore or heading the ball to pass / print Goll (Luxbacher, JA, 2002).
B. Types Heading In a football game we are familiar with the term Heading. There are two kinds Heading Heading Heading to leap or jump and drive Heading. Heading Jump is jumping up for the ball, while the drive is plunging Heading down to the ball (Luxbacher, JA, 20021).
C. Conducting Technique Jump Heading According to Luxbacher, JA, (2002) to perform a good jump and correct heading should pay attention to three phases include: 1. Preparation

Align the shoulder with the ball coming
Flex your knees
Hold the weight on the foot pads
Pull the hand backward
Focus your attention on the ball

2. Implementation

Jump in with both feet
Put your hands up
Arching body
Pull the chin to the chest
The neck does not move body forward
Contact the ball with the forehead
Eyes open and mouth closed

3. Follow Through

Forehead movement during contact with the ball
Continue to the end of body movement
Hands outstretched to the side for balance
Landed smoothly over the surface of the ground with both feet.

D. Technique Basics heading (Heading) Ball
Possession of the ball by using the head is not easy, because it is practice until you are confident with your header technique. The main thing to remember is to keep your eyes open and to keep using the forehead, open the top of the head.
Here's a basic explanation  heading (heading) ball (Hervy, 2003).

Stand parallel to the ball, with one foot in front of the other, bend your knees and slightly leaning back     When the ball came closer, keep your eyes open. A relaxing stay at the last minute.  ball with the forehead if you use the other parts of the head, it's going to hurt.
Encourage the ball away while tightening the muscles of the neck, so that the head can direct the ball towards desired.

E. Kinds of Mechanical Heading (Heading) In Football Game
Using header (heading) to attack or to score is one of the most  Elmen in a football game. This often means that capitalize upon the opportunities of small, so you have to take risks and truly grabbed or heading the ball. There are several techniques header (heading) in a football game (Harvey, 2003). 1. Heading down When heading the ball into the goal, you have to keep the ball in order to keep leading down to complicate the goalkeeper blocking, so that point downward when the ball head it, you have to be higher than heading the ball to the top, then headed in your head firmly down when touched 2. Heading flopping down Perform this header with full force so that the course of the ball more quickly and hard to catch. Keep your eyes fixed on the ball, then fell into the front, while letting your feet up off the ground. Navigate the ball to the left or to the right to turn heads when you hit the ball. By the time you fall to the ground try to relax the body so that it does not hurt 3. Controlling header Use header which aims to hold the ball to drown if you want to do next movement itself and does not want to pass it. Do not over when leaned toward the ball, stay relaxed when to hold the ball, keep your position when receiving the ball. Bend your knees and lean slightly back, push the ball forward slowly so that the ball fell and landed not far from your feet
F. Exercise Type heading (Heading)
1. Exercise for two players This game is headed in a good workout. Create a square with a width of 6 m (20 feet) with a pnanda middle row. Play with a partner who stood face to face with you, a player throwing a ball to one another, which is heading back. Keep on heading the ball to fall to the ground. Besides trying to beat your opponent, try to have enough time to restore power (Miller, 2004) 2. Exercise for three people It is an exercise for three players. A goal with a width of 6 m (20 feet) to place a mark as far as 15 m (49 feet) in front of him. One player becomes the keeper. A player. (F) stands in the position of the goalkeeper, the other players. (A) standing between the goal and mark. A run around the temporary sign. F throw the ball to him. A must run quickly after the ball and head it towards goal. F should vary the height of the ball to a bias that he tried a variety of different header. The players take turns after ten header (Harvey, 2003). 3. Exercise to eight players. This game for eight players or more. Divide into two teams, each team has its own goal and goalkeeper. Each of the other players keep a player from another team. To play you have to follow the order of "throw, and catch the heading" even when you cut your way ball should only be scored with a header (Harvey, 2003).

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