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Not all policies have a positive impact . For example, a decrease in Fuel Subsidy Policy (fuel oil ) in Indonesia . May be advantageous for the country's economic growth . But we need to look also for drivers of public transport, buses and others. They work by delivering people to a specific destination using a vehicle that uses fuel (fuel oil ) .Policy to reduce fuel subsidies (fuel oil ) becomes a sinister threat to the public transport drivers , not only for the driver , passengers became think twice about having to reach into his pocket deeper . Fixed income , expenditure increases . Again, make poverty increases . But on the other hand the reasons behind this , the policy of fuel subsidy (fuel oil ) because to do development for the country , ( the purpose of which is to raise the State of the State budget ) . Economic policy carried out in various areas of the economy which can be divided into three basic principles , namely :

1 . Fiscal Policy (Fiscal Policy)It is the government's effort to regulate and manage the budget and government spending and taxation . Where fiscal policy is done by :
a) Receipts from taxes as a source of government revenue .b ) Government spending for routine administration and finance development projects .c ) Addressing the budget deficit through budget financing .

2 . Monetary Policy ( Monetary Policy)Is government intervention in the interest rate , credit , and the money supply to stabilize the economy . Monetary policy is conducted by the Central Bank's monetary authorities . Where monetary policy is conducted by:
a) the policy discount rateb ) statutory reservesc ) Open market operationsd ) Credit selectivee ) and other banking rules .

3 . Trade Policy ( Trade Policy)It is the government's policy in the field of international trade and transactions . Where trade policy is done by :
a) Ratesb ) Subsidiesc ) Premiumsd ) import restrictionse ) The export banf ) Dumpingg ) Price Discriminationh ) trade agreements and international economic institutions

Economy is a platform where the industry is attached above . Economic policy is a statement of objectives and methods to achieve the objectives ( policy instruments ) conducted by the government , political parties , businesses , and others. Among others there are several types , namely , fiscal policy , monetary policy , and trade policy . Economic adrift with its growth . The factors include the increase in economic growth increase in labor supply , increase in physical capital , increase in productivity

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