A. back issues
Currently, many social problems in terms of both attitude and get along, this happens in all social problems among both teens and parents, but the problem is a lot of socializing happens among older children in their interactions with others in the association. For that task Insights Budi this paper I focus on social problems in teenagers, of course, I became still classified as teen age.
Social problems in teenagers because teenagers are times where an individual seeks his true identity, a time when someone needs a role model to be made an example of a good opinion, but in search of a role model, many errors. Much wrong in finding role models, which ultimately resulted in him  in the association. This association error that causes a person to fall into negative things. Man that was very important to socialize in public life. All of that at the start of someone being in the social interaction surrounding the fellow man.

B. Formulation of the problem
In the formulation of this problem I will formulate about;
1. What is a socializing
2. What to socialize
3. Why should socialize
4. How to socialize in the community
5. How do I choose the right social

C. purposes

The purpose of the task Budi  Insights paper that I gave the title of man as a creature whose life is socializing so that an individual can socialize in the community, to choose one's attitude and relationship is good and right in socializing, because socializing is very influential in one's life and can build personal character .

D. research method
The method used in the paper assignments Insights Budi Luhur are using the library, I use the media library in the preparation of this paper task.


1. What is a socializing
So many mean a lot of socializing, socialization means a lifelong process of how an individual study habits that include ways of life, social norms contained in social life.

The following definition of socialization according to experts;

1.) Charlotte Buhler
Socialization is the process that helps individuals learn and adapt, how to live and think the group so that he can play and work with the group.

2.) Peter Berger
Socialization is a process where a person appreciate and understand the norms of the society, so that it will form a personality.

3.) Paul B Horton
Socialization is the process of communicating culture to the new citizens.

4.) Prof. Dr.. Nasution, SH
Socialization is the process of guiding the individual into the social world.

2. What to socialize
Socialization is very useful and influential in one's life. Socializing Kegunanaan as follows:
a.) As a means of clear communication in society and life squad.
b.) As a builder of life and success
c.) Becoming a means to train yourself to be more confident

3. Why should socialize
to socialize we can connect with the outside world, here is the life of the wild world that is around us. With socialize we can get some information that is very useful for us and for the people around us, to socialize anyway someone can prosper in life, and socializing as well as one can easily exchange knowledge, without socializing we would be very difficult to get the science, etc. . But we also have to be careful in socializing because of socialization can also drop the quality of our lives, if we are wrong in the mix and socialize in the community.

4. How to socialize in the community
How to socialize in the community is easy, just with confidence and the willingness of us to want to deal with the outside world or the world around us.
a.) Developing talent for small talk and have some ready for the topics we talk about in public, with our m topic to socialize then we will not run out of topics when socializing. With our state who never run out of this topic, then the individual who is around us will feel comfortable beside us.
b.) Ask open-ended questions to allow another person to discuss background, personal stories, work or entertainment. Listen carefully and only interrupt to ask questions will think you are an excellent communicator even if all you do is listen.
c.) Inserting a bit of humor when talking, to inject humor while socializing the individual that is around us will feel that we are a fun person to talk to, because inject humor into the conversation. But we also have to know the difference between when serious or not serious, if the circumstances are serious you better not inject humor when talking.
d.) Respect other people when you you see others fold their arms or take from you, you may be getting uncomfortable. For that we have to maintain etiquette and manners while socializing. Because the manners  will get more value in the eyes of others.
e.) Smile, even if you are in any difficult circumstances at the time of socializing, you do not ever forget the one thing that is "smile". Because of your smile so a person can see is a personal being prudent and patient in accepting the problem.
f.) Communicate well and properly, with good communication and socializing true in one will know that you are really disciplined.

5. How do I choose a good association
Choosing good relationships is your door towards yourself positive and successful, selecting good relationships must start with your own, without having to follow the invitation of friends or other people. Here's how to choose a good association.
a.) Selective in choosing
In choosing socially, we must be selective and accurate, because it is very influential friend to yourself, but your selective properties that do not get seen by anyone, because it would make the selective nature you will not get a friend.
good relationships are healthy friend, and drug free. Narcotics will just make yourself fall apart, and eventually yourself is to lose. Narcotics will never make your life better, narcotics will continue to eat away your life. For that select socially healthy.
c.) Stay away from socially-Free SEX
Just like drugs, sex will only make you lose yourself. If you are affected by HIV & AIDS disease you may have no future anymore. Your parents did not give birth to you with the intent and purpose so that you do not have a future. For that you are the proud parents of healthy relationships in socializing.
d.) Join organizations that fit your interests
Instead you fall in with the wrong crowd, the better you involve yourself into an organization that suits your interests and also the positive aims of course. It will make you better, and it also organizations that may be able to explore your hidden potential and talent.


Of this problem, it can be concluded that a person's ability to socialize is very influential in the life of someone. And also errors in socializing will make someone's going to be worse than someone who is  in social interaction. So your attitude and association in social life is very influential to you.


Better be careful in choosing socially, care yourself. Do not rush in choosing socially, because in a hurry you will not be able to choose a well informed decision. Selective in choosing socially, and keep your manners and remember, do not ever forget to SMILE. :



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